45 CONTOH Soal PTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Semester 2 Kurikulum Merdeka dan Kunci Jawaban Soal PTS Tahun 2024

- 11 Februari 2024, 11:20 WIB
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Finally, Snow White and the seven dwarfs lived happily ever after.

1. What type of the text is used by the writer?
A. Report    D. Announcement
B. Recount  E. Comparative
C. Narrative

Jawaban : C

2. What kind of language feature is used in the stories?
A. Present Tense
B. Present Perfect Tense
C. Past Perfect Tense
D. Past Tense
E. Present Continuous Tense

Jawaban : D

3. When did Snow White run away to the woods?
A. In the afternoon   D. In the full moon
B. In the morning     E. In the middle of night
C. In the evening

Jawaban : B

4. What is the communicative purpose of this text?
A. to inform the readers about important and newsworthy events
B. to entertain readers with fairy tale
C. to share an account of an unusual event
D. to persuade readers to accept his/her opinions
E. to invite readers to an event

Jawaban : B

5. The organization of the text above is…..
A. Abstract, orientation, crisis, incident,coda
B. Orientation, event, re-orientation
C. Orientation, complication, resolution
D. Description, background events, sources
E. Orientation, event, event, event


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